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hoping I could find some help

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Well I was hoping I could find some help on here. I have been using opiates for the last 10 years or so. My family moves around every couple years. Transfering to a new doctor gets harder each time. My current one whats to put me on subox or methadone. I am not really sure about either of those as I have always been on oxycodone and hydro's. Can anyone give me some info or any suggestions on what I should do?

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Do you need the medication? I was on painkillers and then went to methadone and I got off everything a couple years back and it was the best decision I have ever made! 

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I'm super late to this post but I would recommend subs over methadone. Suboxone is mild, I couldn't feel it when I took it. But it got me well, gave me energy, and kinda helped with cravings. I only needed a 1/4 of each sub to feel alright. Methadone is harder to ween from than subs, as I understand it. But that's just my suggestion. I hope things have worked out for yourself.