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If you take days off or weeks off, are you still an addict?

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I am curious as to what others think about this.. My answer is still yes.

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If you can stop successfully and aren't thinking about it, then no. I don't think you are.

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I feel like it's the dependency you develop for a drug that makes you an addict, when your body needs that drug to function. You can use drugs recreationally without addiction. Going to a party and doing a line of soft, the next day you're good, not needing to immediately get more (after comedown) before being able to do anything, that's recreational. But I also feel like if you were addicted in terms of full dependency, went and got clean, now just use that drug you found yourself dependent every so often, you are still feeding the addiction. Addiction is like a lifelong disease, once you've beaten the sickness (getting clean), you continue to maintain the disease throughout your life and hope that it stays controlled, but the possibility of running into problems (relapse) is always present.