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Just poured out my last 3 beers

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Yesterday I awoke from a black out and I was in a coffee shop.. I had shit my pants. This insanity has to end. I poured my last 3 drinks down the fuckin toilet. I didn't drink at all yesterday.. and I'm not going to drink today either. I want both my mind and body to be healthy again.. and alcohol is definitely preventing me from being that person I want to be.

I joined this community and I hope that it will give me the strength and courage that I desperately need to stop this drinking.

This is day 2 for me, I hope i'll see you guys for day 3.

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Welcome. I just joined as well a little bit ago and this is my second drinkless week this time around. A large part of it has flown by as I've spent it reading other peoples stories and sharing a couple of my own as well. I will not drink with you today  🙂 

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congrats, keep it up